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At Lismore Baptist Church we want to communicate in all we do that everyone matters to God, because that is what we believe. There are a number of times in the life of Jesus where he makes a point in particularly about children – and that as his followers we are to accept, value and in some instances follow the example of kids.

We want to be a church that partners with parents to see kids flourish in life and faith whatever that looks like for them. One way we work together in this is having a program during our Sunday gathering, we call it Kids Church, which is aimed at engaging them in their faith. Recognising that what happens from the platform isn’t aimed at engaging our kids we need to have something that does. It is well known that the majority of adults who are followers of Jesus made some sort of decision of faith at a young age.

It is crucial for us as a church, as we partner with parents, to provide opportunities for our kids to hear about Jesus and engage with the Christian faith in ways that relate to them. As well as having a place where relationships can develop with adult leaders and other kids that could become significant voices in their lives into the future.

On Sunday parents and carers sign their kids into Kids Church when they arrive. The kids are encouraged to join in the first bracket of worship songs of the gathering and will then be invited to head out to the hall with the Kids Church leaders. The program will then run until the end of the gathering when parents and carers sign the kids out and everyone can enjoy morning tea together. This fun and exciting program runs during school term and is facilitated by a team of wonderful trained leaders.

If you would like more information about Kids Church please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.